Since 1989, Rx Express Marketing, Inc. has been providing businesses with an inexpensive, effective way of reaching potential customers.

Pharmacies dispense prescriptions in bags to protect patient information, so as long as there are pharmacies, there will be bags.

Wine bags are used to protect the bottle from breakage and retain temperature during transport to the home.

Our product is time-tested, effective, and very inexpensive.

Here are the key features and benefits:

• 24,000 copies of the bag are distributed with your ad.
• Bags travel into the home and are often kept for long periods.
• Pharmacists are one of the most trusted medical professionals.
• Category exclusive: Only one of each business type is listed. NO COMPETITION.
• Your ad is professionally typeset to your exact specifications at no additional charge.
• Many customers who use a worth-while coupon report receiving excellent return on investment.

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